Lotus Notes & Domino

What's new in Notes/Domino 8.5

General Functionality

    • Context menus have been streamlined for Mail, Contacts, and To Do views. Right-click documents in any of these views, and you will see a more concise menu, with options relevant to the context. Additionally, you can right-click documents to mark them read or unread.
    • Navigate Notes preference fields using the Tab key.
    • Automatically compress images pasted into documents. Note that bitmap (.bmp) images that are imported into a Notes document are compressed; bitmap images that are pasted into a Notes document are converted to .gif or .jpg format. Choose "File -> Preferences -> Basic Notes Client Configuration", and then choose the appropriate setting under 'Additional options' (the setting is selected by default).
    • Drag-and-drop has been enhanced. Drag-and-drop between rich text fields in Notes documents (Windows only), drag Sametime Contacts names or groups to Notes name fields and rich text fields, or drag names from external applications to Notes name fields.
    • Roaming User for Notes standard configuration is introduced in this release. A new Roaming policy settings document is introduced to support this functionality, as are two new roaming-specific databases (a Feeds subscription database and an EclipseTM plug-in data and preferences database). User files configured for roaming now appear in a single Roaming Applications folder on the Notes replicator page. A new Roaming preference panel is available for Notes users configured for file server-based roaming. Note: Roaming User in the Notes standard configuration is not supported on the Mac OS® When you hover over Live Text and the cursor appearance changes, you can left-click the Live Text instance to start an action. If a default action has been assigned, the action runs. If no action has been defined as default, a panel of options appears.
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